Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rovers Kung-Foo Fighting

Always nice to see a bit of fighting. And there was a bit of fighting . The Rovers are playing Swindon at FOOTBALL ( a sport ) and there is a lot of random chanting and traffic stopping posturing. That’s there Saturday and even if I had just spelt ‘their’ properly, I still wouldn’t quite understand the logic of smashing windows in your own city to show how much you love its football team. That’s because I’m missing the deep under-current of football allegiance that only Bristol Rovers fans understand.

Anyway, my team, the mighty SAINTS, maybe being bought by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Will it happen? Maybe. Am I excited The answer to that question has so little consequence to the planet Earth I can’t answer it. That the big bang all those billions of years ago has created a moment of such insignificance is startling.

You might have realised I’ve not really made any point. That’s not why I’m here.

On a completely different kind of thing, I was just looking at the BBC News website and found the most British thing I have ever seen in my life. The Kent Earthquake 'In Pictures' had this Gem:

I could ask why two people have sat themselves down on plastic chairs facing downwards on a one-way street. I could ask why a girl has joined them holding a cuddly toy with rediculously long and out of proportion legs. I could also question how the BBC think this conveys any sense of an earthquake. I could ask these questions, but there's noone really to ask them too.


Fat Sparrow said...

I'm a native Southern Californian. If the houses are still standing, it's not a real earthquake.

Rantz said...

Kind of cruel, really. People. Odd things.

iLL Man said...

I'm a native of West central Scotland. If it's fallen over, it's probably subsidance or old mine shafts....

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