Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Self-deprecation and I post the selfie with the comment:

"I look old..ha ha."

It's been 15 minutes and no one has left a comment telling me I don't look old. It's lucky this is not what I'm after. This is not why I posted this. 

I took that picture of myself looking like the kind of person who would have no reason or interest in taking a picture of myself. In that picture I look like someone who would never care what they look like, whilst at the same time, and by pure coincidence, look like someone who spends hours worrying what they look like. 

I may look old, but not as fucking old as the majority of people my age. 

Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Weymouth Oblong

An American fridge the colour of an old swan will stand solidly within the tiny waves of Weymouth Bay. Once it has been there for a couple of weeks it will disappear overnight.

Someone will write a letter to the Echo about it going - not out of concern - but as another opportunity to reference their disdain for the lasers.

Dear Dorset Evening Echo,

I notice there has been a great deal of discussion about the American fridge that appeared without explanation in Weymouth Bay, and its subsequent disappearance. For the record, I strongly take exception to certain people's insinuations that it was damaged or removed by paddlers. I can assure you as a paddler myself, we have no interest or capability of getting that far out, even in tennis shorts.

I cannot say that I am particularly bothered about its "removal", but I do at least give the fridge some credit for actually having physically existed, unlike certain multi-coloured lasers beams I could mention. Why the council continues to bombard a precious natural resource like the sea with what I consider, weapons, is beyond my comprehension.

Yours sincerely

Sebastian Binary
Name and address supplied.