Friday, February 27, 2009

Will the tide ever come in again?

I cannot be blamed – there was nothing I could do. An unpredictable lightning bolt from the left field in the sky. One minute it’s something you couldn’t construct as a whimsical thought from the most fantastical of notions, the next - there it is, stark and crazy. And before you accuse me of gross exaggeration and over-drama, let me reveal to you what has just happened: I experienced listening to a cover version of Something Inside So Strong sung by Michael Ball!

This event cannot be subjectively commented upon; the very parameters that mediate my entire life are at the moment spinning wheels in Michael Ball’s fucked-up fruit machine.
There’s no categorizing possible in terms of good or bad, right or wrong; all I can do is try my best to avoid the lava – the dark red, bleeding lava.

I would be more likely to fathom the origin and meaning of existence than even speculate on what drew Michael Ball to attempt to perform this song. The actual execution breaks so many rules of science that it in studying it, the scientific community may come to understand the constitution of Dark Matter.

God has always shirked responsibilities for such cataclysms by claiming that he endowed his creations with free-will - but this time I’m not sure that excuse cuts it. The almighty must, by his own conviction that he is perfect, therefore have been aware of the possibility that a ‘Michael Ball’ was a conceivable result of some specific intercourse event on his big blue globe. When Labi Siffre released this song in 1987, God must have been all too aware that there was now a window of several years where both a ‘Michael Ball’ and the song Something Inside so Strong existed simultaneously. He did nothing…..

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