Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Closing Ceremony

The stadium lights shimmer against the ornate curved edges of a national treasure’s bosom. She stands proudly in front of the fake London Eye and rests lightly against her lectern.

Hugh Edwards steadies his eager Welshness and whispers with hushed authority into his commentator’s microphone: “Katie Price”.

“The author”, Trevor Nelson adds as if we need introduction.

“Bambie’s hair extensions were beginning to need attention…”

Price has started. Her authoritive reading casting an audience of 80,000 spellbound. She reads on for five minutes from Angel Uncovered – her third and my favourite of her novels. The camera pans slowly around the excited crowd, many of whom mouth along the familiar prose as Katie reads.

Controversially she chooses to next read an extract from her new novel Literally Naked Ambition. A decision that draws Hugh Edwards to admit he is a little surprised.

But whilst some of the crowd would have rather have heard more from the classic material, the goodwill won by the greatest athletes on this planet, papers over any tiny little cracks.

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