Monday, May 08, 2006

Beards and Bins at the BAFTAs

Sort of got the BAFTAs on in the background on the television for it is a program that can only ever be on in the background. Foreground watching it is not.

If there’s one thing actors are always desperate to do, is to make it clear that they are not actually anything like the characters they play.

David Tennant (Doctor Who), proves he is not really a time-traveller, pissing about the universe in a Police Box by sporting a rather embarrassing beard. He’s probably getting back to the theatre (which he really loves) appearing in a play written by a cat from Hull who has turned its life of fish-eating, bird-killing and looking peeved around into a successful playwright.

Worst of all is Martin Fowler from Eastenders who has decided to wear thick-framed glasses. Every shot of him, he’s there beaming away as if to say “Don’t be stupid, I’m not really Martin Fowler and here I prove it by wearing these glasses. Glasses that actors wear, not people from the East-End.”

And on the subject of award ceremonies, please stop nominating Catherine Tate if you’re never gonna let her win. It’s like they’re picking on her, winding her up. Next year they’ll invent an award called “Outstanding Contribution to Entertainment by Someone Named Catherine Tate”, and award it to Jonathon Ross.

Ross will afterwards comment that Tate was unlucky not to win.

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