Saturday, March 31, 2007


‘Nice isn’t it’ said the man in Curry’s Digital as I stared at a television in Curry’s Digital. Those are the televisions you look at when you are in Curry’s Digital. Ones that are in there. It’s a limitation of Curry’s Digital. I might position a television outside the Curry’s Digital window so, for a nice change, I could stare at a television not in Curry’s Digital whilst being in Curry’s Digital. I probably wont though. I’d most likely have to use a power-source from Curry’s Digital to plug the television into. That would cheapen the exercise.

‘It is’ I replied with my voice.

‘Course it’s high-definition ready’ he continued with the obvious intention to banish any disgusting thoughts I might be harbouring that it wasn’t. There before me was a television that was high definition ready. It was prepared for high definition; bored of not being so; waiting for someone to let it be what it always wanted to be.

‘Digital to’ he said in a voice that missed off the second ‘o’ in 'too'. It was clear that this man was most comfortable speaking in a language of purely electrical equipment features.

‘I’m just looking.’ I said to ensure he was aware of which one of the five senses I was currently focussing on.

“Just give me a shout if you need any help” he replied. I doubted whether I needed assistance in watching something. Granted, my use of the phrase “just looking” was overly dismissive of the wonderful gift of sight.

And finally it came on. We were winning six-nill, away from home. Six!!!!

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That's my lucky number!!!