Wednesday, January 18, 2006

11 October
After the catastrophic problems I encountered in Toasting yesterday. I was up nice and early today, to allow myself the time for some laid-back high-level toast preparation. Yet results were disappointing. I set the toaster to a toasting level I have always considered the perfect toasting point, between 3 and 4. But when my slices jumped out, they were of a hugely disappointing nature. I'm therefore forced to admit, I have an inconsistent toaster.
I have to ask myself if it is newly inconsistent after two years of reliable consistent toasting, or whether my potential higher toasting standards have forced me into a position where I am unable to be satisfied by toasters in its class. It could be that I need to move up into the more luxury end of the toasting stratosphere.
I don't want to start throwing huge amounts of cash into the toaster market with out being sure that I get substantial toasting rewards out the end of it. How I can I be sure how well a toaster toasts just by looking at it in a shop. I can’t take a loaf of sliced bread along to Comet and throw a few slices in different models to check. That's just a fast-track method of getting busted by the crumb-police, and I've got my whole life ahead of me.
I just don't think I'm ready to buy a ticket in the Luxury Toaster Lottery. I could become a member of the bread-grilling community but frankly, that's not a level of precision based skill I can attain early on a weekday morning. No, I'm just going to have to live, like millions of others, with slices of toast of variable quality .

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