Wednesday, January 18, 2006

31 August

What do song lyrics mean?

"Bohemian Rhapsody" makes very little sense. In fact probably no sense at all. But I failed to realise I didn't have a clue what it was about until someone said "That Bohemian Rhapsody, what's that all about?" to which I admitted I had no idea before politely requesting that I just pay for the petrol.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t even understand the title, that subconsciously my brain never
bothered to try and work out the story behind the song. Then again, it takes a lot of concentration for me to get my subconscious working. So I thought I’d try and work out the meaning a simpler song with non-subconscious conscious thinking.

The track "Life" by Des’ree is an ideal candidate for scrutiny. A straightforward title that would surely point the way to various musings on human existence that I could get stuck into. Here's the first verse…

"I'm afraid of the dark
Especially when I'm in the park
When there's no one else around
Oh I get the shivers
I don't wanna see a ghost.
It's the sight that I fear most.
I'd rather have a piece of toast
Watch the evening news"

"I'm afraid of the dark/ Especially when I'm in the park/ When there's no one else around" - If it's dark empty parks Des’ree fears, then I see little point in her ever going to one. The whole situation seems so avoidable, I feel it is somewhat out of place in a song that professes to deal with the whole concept of life.

"Oh I get shivers" – Which may be because she is scared, but hanging around cold parks in the early hours of the morning without suitable winter clothing could have a similar effect.

"I don't wanna see a ghost/ It's the sight I fear the most" - I agree that such a sighting would be scary, but as previously covered, there's no real need for her to be in a dark park on her own anyway. Going to a haunted one seems totally irresponsible.

"I'd rather have a piece of toast" - See a ghost (the sight she fears the most) in a dark deserted park or consume toasted bread. Even though toasted bread may not be Des’ree's favourite snack, it is logical that she rates the experience of its consumption ahead of the whole dark park thing. It seems an extremely random point to make, but her preference is one that most people would sympathise with.

"Watch the evening news" - Why? Are there going to be stories about ghost sightings in dark parks?"

No. what she’s saying is that she is compelled to watch the evening news every time she eats toast. This means Des’ree is unable to enjoy eating toast at breakfast with only GMTV available and must therefore chomp it down late in the evening. This is fattening and thus unsuitable for an image conscious pop-star. Therefore, it seems to me Des’ree has two choices:

A) Hang around dark, haunted, deserted parks.
B) Become fat on late night snacking.

No information is currently available as to which course of action she took.

The rest of the song goes on about ladders and ballooning.

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