Wednesday, January 18, 2006

22 August
Making Birthday Cards
Decided it would be a good idea to make a birthday card for my mother's 60th Birthday. Bought some blank cards and also some soluble coloured pencils. Then had a complete blank on what the hell I would put on thie card.

The only real idea I could come up with was to put a flower rising up from the ground reaching up to the sky or a spaceship. The spaceship seemed unwise and the flower was frankly a little bit too flowery. I then came up with the idea of copying a local Weymouth landmark of the internet and then copying that onto the card. The only one of low enough complexity to be attempted was the wihite chalk horse.

I sketched out the horse and thought it looked crap so I threw the card away and sketched it out again. It still looked crap so once more I tried. In my opinion the third attempt was the worst of all but I was definately by this time suffering from chalk-horse-drawing fatigue so I decided to add colour to my third and surviving horse drawing. The trouble is I only had one shade of green as I only bought a set of 12 coloured pencils(A bigger pack with multiple greens would have set me back 26 pounds and I could have hired someone to carve a chalk horse for that.

I did my best with my single shade and ended up with a crap looking white horse on a unnaturally green hill. Looking at the picture from the internet it suddenly became evident to me that the white chalk horse cut into the hill is actually really craply drawn anyway and that my reproduction whilst crap was pretty accurate, so I felt a little better. But the creater of that craply drawn horse in the hill may have argued that drawing a horse on a big fuck-off hill is slightly more challenging than sketching one out on a piece of card. Also having an old horse on a 60th birthday card suddenly seemed wrong anyway.

So I started again, and came up with a card that said "'Happy 60th Birthday Mum". Horse free.

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