Wednesday, January 18, 2006

24 October
The Last Ever Songs
I went into buy a CD in WH Smith and was struck by the fact that the only albums they sell are those that are in the album chart and a few compilation albums. This trend seems to be increasing and other shops seem to be moving the same way. Virgin Megastore has less music in it every time I go, with more and more shelf space being given to DVDs, computer games and performing seals.
If this trend continues, there will be increasing public apathy for sea mammal entertainment and practically every shop will just sell the Top 70 albums. Nothing will ever be able to enter or exit the chart ever again. Your Grandchildren's Grandchildren may very well be surrounded by dead seals, listening to James Blunt telling them they're beautiful.
The 'Now That's What I Call Music' series has already seemingly run into the problem of lack of songs. They have released "The Now Years", which is the best of the songs from all their previous Now albums; a compilation of songs from compilations. Then there’s a ‘Best of Jive Bunny’ CD. That's a compilation of songs that are compilations of compilations of songs.

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