Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Well you only live once." was the final argument put to me. But what does it really have to do with buying an overpriced car? I had all but claimed victory in an argument with someone about a car they bought that they really couldn't afford. My argument incidentally was that they really couldn't afford it and just as I had beaten them into submission they threw this last five word punch. My brain told me that this was indeed a valid statement and as such I felt I had lost the argument.
But by this logic it would only be a problem buying something out of your financial means if you believed in reincarnation, that you had multiple lives. And of course you couldn’t buy an overpriced car if you were a cat, who would have been stuck with the financial burden throughout all of its nine lives. How many other arguments have I lost by someone throwing in "you only live once", which with further analysis I would have realised was irrelevant to the argument?
There's plenty of other irrelevant clich├ęs people throw into arguments like the slightly shorter "might as well." Not quite as strong as "Well you only live once", but it can be used for those easier to win arguments that you just want to kill off or to soften your opponent before bringing out the big guns.
There was poor old George W, dead against the war. Then Rumsfeld comes along with his lethal word combinations.
George W : Do you really think we should be invading countries?
Rumsfeld : Might as well.
George W: Yeah, but, it's really gonna stir up shit. I don't know if I can be bothered.
Rumsfeld : I know, but, at the end of the day, when it comes down to it, you only live once.
George W: f*** it, let's have Ireland.
Rumsfeld : Iraq Mr President Iraq.
George W : Yes Iraq. (PICKS UP PHONE) Hey Tony, do you British folks wanna come along with us and invade Poland?
Rumsfeld : Iraq!
George W : Iraq.
Tony B : Nahhhhh, they wont like it.
George W: Come on…
Tony B : I don’t know…it could be trouble.
Rumsfeld : Say to him “You know yer wanna.”
George W : Mr Prime minister Tony. You know yer wanna.
Tony B : Go on then…

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